Bringing transparency to

Foreign Exchange

Real service, transparency and timely market information to optimize your Foreign Exchange

The RICE Fx Difference 

HOW we help to optimize your FX transactions and add money to your bottom line 



Superior & Transparent Pricing

1. We will work with you to review your current Fx processes, including how much your Fx is costing you.

2. We will beat the bank on price & show you exactly what you pay for your FX -  never any hidden fees or charges.



Real-Time Alerts

We let you know, in real time  when the market moves in your favor by 100 pts or more, so you can trade at the right time and further optimize your FX transactions. 






Customized Updates 

Twice per week you will receive customized market updates on the currency pairing that matters to you & your business. 




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“Let's connect and discuss how RICE Fx can help to optimize you FX transactions and add money to your bottom line.”

Graham Richardson, Founding Partner at RICE Fx